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Financing a self-build project is different from buying a complete property, because you will be funding the building work over a period of weeks or months, rather than completing a one off purchase. Most people will need to get a self build mortgage to do this.

Although self-build is a relatively small market at the moment, there aren't a wide range of standard mortgage options to choose from. However we have access to the lenders who lend for this purpose.

Usually, funds from a self-build mortgage are released in stages, so that the funds are available during the building process. The lender will require regular inspections to make sure everything is going according to plan before each instalment of the funds is released.

This extra involvement and administration cost for the lender means that a self-build mortgage is likely to be more expensive than a standard mortgage for the same amount – though of course you may need to borrow less. Once the build is completed, many self builders switch to a different mortgage deal, which we can also help with.