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Mezzanine finance provides investment capital to support business expansion in circumstances where a business is already generating trading income and cash flow. This type of funding is particularly helpful to fast growing innovative businesses which have been unable to attract investment capital from other more traditional sources.

Lakeland Finance Ltd is able to access Mezzanine finance for trading businesses seeking finance to support their expansion plans. In return, the finance provider will require an equity share in the business. Capital structures can include a combination of equity, quasi-equity or mezzanine capital and loans (linked to equity) which ever best suits the needs of the company or business.

Mezzanine finance can be especially suitable for growing businesses that need more finance than their existing lender will provide. Mezzanine finance fills a gap in the market, providing a finance solution that is transparent and easily understandable, Lakeland Finance Ltd works with numerous Mezzanine finance providers and can help and advise clients on how best to structure a particular deal.