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At Lakeland Finance we work on our client’s behalf to source and secure the best possible terms for any potential commercial loan or mortgage. Because of our extensive experience and knowledge of the market we understand how lenders think. We know which lenders have the appetite to lend on the various types of deal, and the best way to present the application to the lender so that we have the most successful outcome for our client.

We normally work on a success fee or procuration fee basis, meaning that you benefit from our expertise, knowledge and the fact that we do not charge any upfront fees. Our fee only becomes payable on the successful placement and formal written offer of a loan or mortgage facility from an appropriate lender. Typically we would normally receive the bulk of our fee directly from the lender on completion, as we receive a proportion of the lender fee or arrangement fee, which any commercial client would still have to pay to the Bank or finance provider regardless of whether they use our service or go to the lender directly.

Each client will be issued with a client agreement and engagement letter explaining our terms of business before any transaction is agreed and carried out.