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For commercial customers who require finance for business purposes, whether it's the purchase of a new business, a business expansion or the re-finance of an existing business, Lakeland Finance can acess commercial finance for any business type from Hospitality to IT and for any business reason.

Traditional secured commercial financing can be structured in a number of different ways using various types of security including existing or new business assets or a mixture of the two. This can range from property (Bricks & Motar), Inventory, Plant, machinery, equipment and the debtor book of the business. The amount you can borrow for secured lending will obviously depend on the value of the asset(s) but it can also be used in conjunction with other types of unsecured finance to release the amount of borrowing required for a specific project or investment.

Trading business revenue streams from an existing business (for refinance) or a prospective new business purchase may also be taken into consideration with some lenders when structuring a deal, for further information and to discuss your requirements in further detail please contact us.